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Girls Hardball League

2023 will see our first all girls cricket league in West Yorkshire both softball and hardball.  ​15 Hardball teams will compete in 3 divisions throughout West Yorkshire, Northern, Central and Southern Regions.




Otley CC

Harrogate CC

Wharfe Valley CC 

Menston Storm

Menston Hurricanes


New Rover

Old Leo’s CC

Pudsey St Lawrence CC

Woodhouse Grove School


Shepley CC

Thongsbridge CC 

Thurstonland CC

Huddersfield All Stars

Main Contact

Claire Bassindale

Suzanne Oliver

Matt Ramsden

Robert Hodgson

Matt Snow


Helen McWilliams

Claire Ward

Alex Dickson

Gurman Randhawa


Phil Marsh

Jonathan Schofield

Sara Begg

Stephanie Bown


07977 156159

07775 837023

07506 702573

0777 590 4426

07824 411970

Helen McWilliams

07941 019311

Alex Dickson

07912 641028

Phil Marsh

Jonathan Schofield

07545 672077

Stephanie Bown

These rules should be read in conjunction with the full rules for the league found here.


(a) All matches shall be played in accordance within these rules and the laws of cricket except underarm bowling which is not permitted at this standard. Games will be 11-a-side although can take place with fewer players should this be necessary. A minimum no of 8 players on one side will be needed to constitute a match.

b) All fixtures shall be scheduled for a start at 9.30am (Sunday Morning), but it is acknowledged this may not be possible with conflicting junior schedules. Clubs will have 6 days to re-arrange the fixture. Failure to agree a date will result in the sharing of points although the league will expect every effort is taken, including using an alternative ground, to get the game on. Matches played with an evening start will commence no later than 6.30pm up until 31st July and 5.45pm in August.

(c) Pitches shall measure 19 yards in length, boundaries should be between 40 to 50 yards from the wicket.

(d) Matches shall be 20 overs in length, this may be reduced to 16 for time constraints if agreed by both sides.

(e) Any decision to play on safety grounds is at the sole discretion of the umpires.

(c) Both teams will provide a new 4 ¾ oz WYWGCL red ball to start the match.

(d) The minimum number of overs to be bowled per team shall be 12 should inclement weather intervene. If 12 overs per side cannot be played or are not completed the result shall be classed as abandoned.

(f) Both clubs should provide a competent scorer, with knowledge of Play Cricket scoring for the duration of the match, but in certain cases 1 scorer will be acceptable on or off Play Cricket provided the scores are uploaded with 24 hours of the match completion.

(g) Batters will retire if they score 20 and no batter shall be permitted to recommence their innings once the side is technically “All Out”.

(h) The maximum number of overs a player shall be allowed to bowl in a match will be 3 and only one change of keeper is allowed.

(i) There will be a “free hit” awarded for front foot no balls only. The “free hit” will be concluded on delivery of a legal ball.

(j) Batter number 1 or 2 who is still in after half the overs are complete and having not scored 20 shall retire at this point, subject to there being a batter still having not batted and may not return once the side is technically "All out". 

(k) Wides and no balls shall not be re-bowled but will be awarded 2 runs, except in the final over where a maximum of 9 balls can be bowled legal or not.

Zoom Meeting held on the 7th December 2022

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